We can’t know for sure, but through the General Plan, we can lay out a blueprint for the community’s future growth. The conversation has already begun in the last several years as the City launched various community studies and plans. The time is now to put it all together into a comprehensive Temple City 2050 General Plan. Meetings for the General Plan are ongoing over the next two years. Work with your neighbors and City leaders to identify goals for issues like transportation, land use, downtown and parks and open space. The final result will detail a set of visions and policies that will encourage the development of our ideal Temple City. More parks? New businesses? Bike lanes? Sidewalks? Whatever you think will make our town better—let us know. Together, we’ll Make TC Happen.

Latest News

-The Environmental Initial Study (IS) for the Mid-Century General Plan and Crossroads Specific Plan has been released.  A PDF version of the Initial Study is available under the "How Can I Get Involved" and "Library" tabs.
-GPAC reviewed the Crossroads Specific Plan at the GPAC meeting on Octover 17,2016. For the meeting agenda and presentations, go to the City's GPAC page at http://www.templecity.us/824/General-Plan-Advisory
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