General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC)


Temple City Appoints its General Plan Advisory Committee!

On May 6, 2014 the Temple City City Council appointed a group of 12 residents, business owners and tenants, property owners, community organization, and commission representatives to serve on the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC). The GPAC is an ad hoc committee established by Temple City to facilitate public participation and advise staff and consultants on community issues during the planning process for the General Plan Update, and to make recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council on an updated General Plan, the Crossroads Specific Plan, and an updated Zoning Code.

Another crucial function of the GPAC is to assist in the formation of City goals. What do people say they want in their City? How can this be translated into a set of compatible, consistent, long and short-range City goals? Through its recommendations the GPAC can help make these goals a part of the decision-making process, recognizing that the determination of what items are included in the General Plan ultimately rests with City Council.

Participation by members appointed to the GPAC is temporary; the roles and responsibilities of its members will terminate with City Council Adoption of the General Plan, which is anticipated to occur in 2016. If you are interested in learning more about the committee, please download the following GPAC Roles and Responsibilities document.

GPAC Roles & Responsibilities

The appointed 12 member GPAC is as follows:

  • Leo Acenas
  • Oscar Bustamante
  • Guy DeMarco
  • Beverly Guan
  • Tim Huang
  • Betty Kwan
  • Lucy Liou
  • Jennifer Pedraza
  • Pete Santucci
  • Cindy Vance

GPAC Reference Binder (for all meetings)

GPAC Roster
GPAC By-Laws
General Plan Update Schedule
General Plan 101 Reference
Community Profile
A Practical Guide to Planning Healthy Communities
(not available electronically; can be viewed at City Hall)
A Practical Guide to the California Environmental Quality Act
(not available electronically; can be viewed at City Hall)

GPAC Meeting Presentations

To access past GPAC meeting agendas, minutes, and presentations, please visit the City’s General Plan Advisory Committee webpage.


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