Draft Proposals & Input

Give Input on the Draft Zoning Code

Temple City is seeking community help on updating the Zoning Code.  The Zoning Code sets rules and guidelines that establish what new buildings will look like and what new uses are allowed.  The City has not overhauled the existing Zoning Code since the City incorporated in 1960.  The purpose of this update is to align the Zoning Code with City’s new General Plan, best practices, and today’s community values.

Giving Input:  Community members can give input on the draft Zoning Code in two ways, filling out questionnaires on the Zoning Code Update website or attending a community meeting.  The community meeting is scheduled for:

Thursday, February 21
7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
City Council Chambers (5938 Kaufman Ave.)

 Zoning Code Update Website:  The City created a highly interactive website that allows users to learn about the Draft Zoning Code and give input.

Zoning Code Update Website

Users can zoom into maps and answer questionnaires.  To present the vast amount of information in the Zoning Code the website highlights the biggest changes proposed for each section.  Users who want more information can explore links to staff reports, slide decks, and the full text of the Draft Zoning Code.  Similarly, users can answer questionnaires that highlight specific questions, provide their comments in an open dialog box, or simply email planning staff.

Existing Property Owners and Businesses:  The new Zoning Code will guide new construction, new businesses, and new signs. It has very little direct effect on existing buildings, businesses, or signs. Existing buildings or businesses do not need to change to match the new Code. As new businesses and new construction can affect the community’s quality of life, the City would like to get input on what types of businesses should be allowed, where they should be allowed, and what new buildings should look like.

The Process:  In December of 2017, the City Council adopted the Mid-Century General Plan which set goals, objectives, and policies related to how land is used in the City. The purpose of updating the Zoning Code is to bring these high-level vision and policy statements into reality.

In 2018 the City held seven public meetings with the community and the Planning Commission to discuss drafts of Zoning Code section by section. The current draft is the result of those previous meetings and input.

This is not the community’s final opportunity to give input on the Draft Zoning Code, there will be future chances as well. In the upcoming months community members can continue to give input to the Planning Commission and City Council, see the schedule below:

February  – Community Outreach and Input on the Draft Zoning Code
March – Staff revises Draft Zoning Code based on community input
April – Planning Commission review of Draft Zoning Code
May – City Council review and approval of the Draft Zoning Code
June – Final Zoning Code becomes effective

More Information can be found at the Zoning Code Update websiteMakeTCHappen.com, or by emailing planning@templecity.us.


Rough Drafts & Previous Input

In 2018, City Planning staff, community members, the Planning Commission, and the City’s planning consultant — PlaceWorks —developed ideas on how to update the City’s Zoning Code to conform with the newly adopted General Plan.  The Zoning Code Update is divided into the six categories below.

Mixed Use

Draft proposal

Notes from Planning Commission Workshop (March 27, 2018)

Commercial and Industrial Zones

Draft proposal

Notes from Planning Commission Workshop (April 24, 2018)

Single-Family (R-1)

Draft proposal

Notes from Planning Commission Workshop (May 22, 2018)

Multi-Family (R-2 & R-3)

Draft proposal

Notes from Planning Commission Workshop (June 26, 2018)


Draft proposal (Staff Report)  (Sign Code)

Notes from Planning Commission Workshop (August 28, 2018)

Administration and Processes

Draft proposal

Notes from Planning Commission Workshop (October 23, 2018)

Comments Received and Changes Made

See December 11, 2018 Planning Commission meeting

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