Interactive Map – Insert Your Address and See if Any Changes are Proposed
With this interactive map, you can type in your address to see if there is a change proposed. Or, click on different areas of the city to see if there are any expected changes.


Areas of Change
A map of areas proposed to be changed under the Draft General Plan and Specific Plan:   here


Draft Documents for Review

Proposed Changes to the Draft Mid-Century General Plan and Crossroads Specific Plan:  here

General Plan PDF Version:  here

Draft Crossroads Specific Plan PDF Version:  here

General Plan Story Map:

Draft Crossroads Specific Plan Story Map:

Story Maps are a new dynamic web-based method to organize and present information alongside interactive maps and graphics.   The City of Temple City has implemented this new innovative technology to provide the community with an engaging and compelling alternative way to review and interact with the documents.

Note:  Both story map documents are best viewed in a desktop web-browser.  For best results we recommend using Google Chrome on a Windows PC or Safari Browser on MacOS.


The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Temple City General Plan Update and Temple City Crossroads Specific Plan 

Notice of Availability

Draft EIR Volume I : here

Draft EIR Volume II :
Appendix A: Initial Study – Notice of Preparation (NOP)
Appendix B: NOP Comment Letters
Appendix C: Air Quality & GHG Emissions Modeling
Appendix D: EDR Report
Appendix E: Infrastructure Report
Appendix F: Noise
Appendix G: Public Services Correspondence
Appendix H: Transportation Impact Analysis
Appendix I: Water Supply Assessment

Final EIR Volume: here


Background Documents

General Plan – General Plan PDF document

Crossroad Specific Plan – Crossroads Specific Plan PDF document

The Environmental Initial Study (IS) for the Mid-Century General Plan and Crossroads Specific Plan has been released.  The IS can be viewed here.

1987 General Plan

General Plan, Technical Report, 1987

Crossroads Specific Plan Background Report
The Crossroads Specific Plan Background report provides a detailed summary of existing conditions for the specific plan area, as well as a summary of planning, economic, transportation, and infrastructure opportunities and constraints to be considered when drafting the Specific Plan.

Community Profile
The Temple City Community Profile provides a framework for identifying and understanding the range of issues and opportunities that Temple City faces, specifically in regards to housing, education, recreation, culture, circulation, health and safety, and the economy.

Downtown Specific Plan
Temple City’s Downtown Specific Plan is a community-based revitalization plan that provides a comprehensive set of goals, objectives, land uses, infrastructure improvements, development standards and implementation measures to guide the growth and development of downtown.

Downtown Parking Strategic Plan
Analyzes existing Downtown parking conditions to identify strategies for increasing parking supply, managing parking and revising parking standards. Findings inform the transportation element of the General Plan.

2011 Bicycle Master Plan
Provides broad vision, strategies, actions to improve conditions for bicycling in Temple City through the development and implementation of bicycle-friendly policies, programs and infrastructure. Findings inform the transportation element of the General Plan.

Traffic Calming Master Plan
Assesses road safety along heavily used corridors to provide a broad vision and set of strategies and actions that create safer road conditions, while creating minimal impact on local traffic congestion. Findings inform the transportation element of the General Plan.


GPAC Reference Binder (for all meetings)

GPAC member and staff roster
GPAC By-Laws
General Plan Update Schedule
General Plan 101 Reference
Community Profile
A Practical Guide to Planning Healthy Communities (not available electronically; can be viewed at City Hall)
A Practical Guide to the California Environmental Quality Act (not available electronically; can be viewed at City Hall)







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