Zoning Related Documents

Existing Zoning Map – Here

Existing Zoning Code – Here

Existing Downtown Specific Plan – Here

Draft Zoning Code – Here


Approved Documents

Mid-Century General Plan – Story Map

Mid-Century General Plan – PDF Version

Approved Amendments (One & Two)


Crossroads Specific Plan –  Story Map

Crossroads Specific Plan –  PDF Version

Approved Amendments (One & Two)


Note: Story Maps are a new dynamic web-based method to organize and present information alongside interactive maps and graphics.   The City of Temple City has implemented this new innovative technology to provide the community with an engaging and compelling alternative way to review and interact with the documents.

Both story map documents are best viewed in a desktop web-browser.  For best results we recommend using Google Chrome on a Windows PC or Safari Browser on MacOS.


Environmental Impact Report



Mitigation and Monitoring Reporting Program

Findings of Fact Statement of Overriding Considerations


Background Documents

Crossroads Specific Plan Background Report
The Crossroads Specific Plan Background report provides a detailed summary of existing conditions for the specific plan area, as well as a summary of planning, economic, transportation, and infrastructure opportunities and constraints to be considered when drafting the Specific Plan.

Community Profile
The Temple City Community Profile provides a framework for identifying and understanding the range of issues and opportunities that Temple City faces, specifically in regards to housing, education, recreation, culture, circulation, health and safety, and the economy.


GPAC Reference Binder (for all meetings)

GPAC member and staff roster
GPAC By-Laws
General Plan 101 Reference
Community Profile
A Practical Guide to Planning Healthy Communities (not available electronically; can be viewed at City Hall)
A Practical Guide to the California Environmental Quality Act (not available electronically; can be viewed at City Hall)







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